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The SMST strives to apply scientific research and higher education to better understand, protect, and utilize the oceans, which cover more than 70% of the earth’s surface. We attract funding from a broad range of government and industry sources and work closely with our partners to understand and address current and future technology needs in ocean engineering. Research in the SMST focuses on several key areas, including Hydrodynamics, Acoustics and Communications, Navigation and Control, Naval Architecture, Marine Robotics, Ocean Environment and Marine Exploration. Through a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach, SMST has been consistently contributing to the further marine related science and technology, and national security.


?More than 2000 journal or conference papers are published in recent five years, among which 1680 academic papers are indexed by SCI, EI, or ISTP.

?Roughly eight monographs are published per year.


?One First Prize of Chinese Science and Technology Award

?Five Second Prize of Chinese Science and Technology Awards

?One Third Prize of Chinese National Invention Award

?More than 100 Provisional or Ministerial Science and Technology Awards


?More than 450 national innovation patents and 260 has been authorized


?The State Key Laboratory -Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Technology Laboratory

?The State Key Laboratory of Ocean Acoustics and Sensing

?The Special Laboratory for Acoustic Engineering and Detection Technology

?The Laboratory of Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory (High Speed Water Tunnel)

?The Laboratory for Underwater Power

?The anechoic pool

?The Experimental Teaching Center

?The Laboratory of Acoustic and Vibration Control

? The Laboratory of Underwater Physical Field Simulation

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